Shourik Dutta, MD — Class of 2025

When I reflect back on what helped me choose WUSTL, a couple things come to mind. First, I was fortunate enough to visit Saint Louis prior to rank list’s for residency being due, and what I found is that STL is a hidden gem. The city is Goldilocks-sized, with numerous urban attractions without the overcrowding, […]

Kathleen Bickel, MD, PhD — Class of 2023

When looking for an anesthesiology residency that combined excellent clinical training with support for developing a career in the basic sciences, Washington University was a frontrunner. My brother and sister-in-law also lived in Saint Louis at the time, which was an added plus. I was ecstatic to match here, and firmly believe that no other […]

Tamanna Huda, MD — Class of 2021

Tamanna Huda, MD

As I began the interview process, I had a few things that I was looking for in a program: good people, great training, work-life balance, and a convenient location. I ranked WashU number one on my list because it was truly the only program that offered all of these things. I met a lot of […]

Mark Arcario, MD, PhD — Class of 2021

Mark Arcario, MD, PhD

I vividly remember the Match process from two years ago — the application, the nervous wait for interview invitations, the frantic packing (and unpacking) of a suitcase, and, most importantly, opening that letter. As a medical student, it can be hard to know what to look for in a residency program because you really do […]

Christian Guay, MD — Class of 2021

Christian Guay, MD

I was in an operating room at The Montreal Neurological Institute when I received the invitation to interview at Washington University. Still in the OR, my research mentor started telling me all about Dr. Michael Avidan and the ambitious projects that he and his team were pioneering at Wash U. Two months later, I was […]

Lauren Lagrimas, MD — Class of 2023

I’m a Texas native without any inside scoop on WashU; I only knew it by its outstanding reputation. I was a bit intimidated, with no family or friends in the Midwest, and no idea if I could live up to the caliber of this program. However, I quickly discovered how silly my fears were as […]

Herman Luther, MD, MBA — Class of 2024

I first visited Washington University in St. Louis in the spring of 2011 while touring college campuses during my senior year of high school. My counselors at the time told me to choose a school that would allow me to pursue my goal of becoming a physician while also celebrating diversity, innovation, inclusivity, and leadership. […]

Dima Aladdin, MD — Class of 2023

Dima Aladdin

I first came to WashU as a visiting medical student from Lebanon to complete a rotation in the different anesthesia subspecialties. During that time, I found myself among a great group of residents, who were happy and satisfied with their training. I admired the open and inclusive learning environment, as well as the interaction between […]

Kiran Kamath, MBBS — Class of 2022

Kiran Kamath

Choosing a residency program is always a tough decision. While going through interview season, I remember making a mental checklist of things that were important to me: clinical experience, the nature of the residents with whom I’d be working, dedicated faculty, teaching, fellowship opportunities, research and location, among others. Most importantly, being an international medical […]

Micaela Clark, MD — Class of 2022

Micaela Clark

When selecting a residency program, I had several important elements that I was looking for. First and foremost, I wanted a program that would provide an exceptional educational experience with diverse training and medically complex patients. Secondly, it was important to be in a welcoming environment where I could find supportive individuals both within and […]