Washington University’s WU Scholars Program is an ACGME and ABA-approved program that continues the University’s commitment to academic excellence, training the next generation of clinician scientists.

Residency as a WU Scholar

The WU Scholars Program is built on a traditional 4 years of residency (1 year of clinical base, 3 years of clinical anesthesia) with 9 months of protected research time interspersed during residency.

Following the successful completion of their residency period, Scholars are offered 1-year of protected time to pursue research. The timing of the protected research year is flexible, as it can follow residency, a clinical fellowship, or be between residency and a clinical fellowship.

Benefits of being a WU Scholar

  • 9 Months of protected research time during residency.
  • Protected research time after residency or clinical fellowship
  • 20+ robust basic and clinical science labs within the Anesthesiology Department.
  • Opportunity to work with 100+ PI’s throughout Washington University.
  • Structured academic mentorship and support during training.
  • Established pathway to support the resident’s transition to independence.


Frequently Asked Questions

By participating in the WU Scholar track, will I be expected to join the faculty after graduation?

No – our Department is committed to providing all residents a high quality of training that will enable them to thrive anywhere following graduation. Although many program graduates have joined our faculty in recent years, we do not require program participants to remain with us long-term.

Do WU Scholars receive financial support for their research?

Supplementary financial support is provided in addition to the salary and educational stipend that are paid to all residents in the department.