Renee Doherty, MD

  • Residency: UT Southwestern Medical Center
  • Medical School: University of Alabama School of Medicine

I chose WashU because of the faculty and the previous fellows that I met. When I came to interview everyone was very open and welcoming. Their commitment to education in a busy education system was impressive and it felt like they new me so well from the minute I arrived. The fact that they had a dedicated time to unite the incoming and going fellows made me feel like I was very important to the program as an individual. 

Ahalya Kodali, MD

  • Residency: Boston Medical Center
  • Medical School: Saba University School of Medicine

Kavya Reddy Narayana, MBBS

  • Residency: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
  • Medical School: M.S. Ramaiah Medical College, India

Prior to starting my residency at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, I had spent time working in the Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology as a clinical researcher. I always liked how friendly and helpful people were. After completing my residency at Rutgers, I knew very well that St. Louis Children’s Hospital was the place for me to develop my pediatric skills. I was looking for a program that will help me grow as a clinician and as a researcher. The faculty and staff are incredibly welcoming and friendly. This program definitely gives priority to fellows in terms of case exposure and experiences. I was always interested in acute post-operative pain and regional anesthesia. Being halfway through, I feel very confident that I will have a strong foundation for my future endeavors in pediatric regional anesthesia and acute postoperative pain management.

I am very happy with my decision of training at Washington University/St. Louis Children’s Hospital as I got to meet my amazing co-fellows and enjoy a great working environment. I feel confident that this training will make me a better clinician and researcher.

St. Louis has a lot to offer for families with young kids. My 6-year old enjoys taking walks in Forest Park, exploring the Botanical Garden, St. Louis Zoo, the Science Center and Sculpture Park among other places. I am glad to be back in St. Louis!

Pedro Rios Morales, MD

  • Residency: Walter Reed Military Medical Center
  • Medical School: University of Puerto Rico

Going back to training after many years as an attending entails a big investment in many different aspects. It took me very little time in this fellowship to see that my decision was a good one. The faculty in this program are fully committed to the fellow’s education, pursue of academic and research interest, and areas of interest. As fellows, all doors are literally open for you to discuss questions, concerns, management strategies in difficult cases and personal anecdotes with all attendings, regardless of experience level and leadership position. Most of the attendings feel like mentors, and you can feel their enthusiasm about your progression as a fellow.

Even though my academic interests are regional anesthesia, cardiac anesthesiology for non-cardiac cases and solid organ transplantation, there are plenty of opportunities to excel in many other areas. The pain and regional experience is robust. The cardiac attendings are one of the most approachable and helpful educators of the group. And I dare you to find a more collegial surgical suite environment like our cardiac and cath lab rooms. Also, the faculty as a group are very collegial amongst each other and go the extra mile to help one another, and that is very refreshing to see as a fellow. My fellowship class feels like a family, and independence is given for conflict resolution amongst each other in the many variables of life as a fellow.

Regardless if you’re married or single, with human or fur babies, St. Louis has plenty to offer outside of the hospital, without the hassles of a big city. Good food, recreational activities (most of them free!) and kid friendly places are in abundance. The fellowship program is a reflection of the city: a small big place with plenty of good people.

Minna Wang, MD

  • Residency: Washington University in St. Louis/Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • Medical School: Washington University

I was fortunate to train at WashU and St. Louis Children’s Hospital for residency. The delightful and welcoming environment drew me to pediatric anesthesiology in the first place. With the thought that seeing medicine practiced in a different part of country was a valuable experience, I had an open mind in terms of fellowship location during the CA 2 year. After a half dozen of interviews from coast to coast, I decided to choose WashU again for my pediatric fellowship. I had no doubt that several programs will provide excellent trainings in terms of case load/complexity and research opportunities. In addition to a well balanced curriculum, what made WashU stand out was its dedication to foster a culture for learning and camaraderie. Six months into fellowship, I truly feel at home. The department’s quick response to our feedback and needs, for both professional and personal growth, is easily evident.

Coming from Seattle, I have loved living in St. Louis over the past four and a half years. It has the convenience that is typical for a smaller city, but at the same time it has plenty to offer. Initially, I remembered being surprised by my easy commute, affordable housing, great food and cultural scene. Also, situated in the middle of the Midwest means it is not too far away from anywhere! Being a traveler at heart outside medicine, my husband and I have been able to visit around 15 countries and many midwestern states during residency and fellowship by living here. I consider myself lucky to have found a place where it offers superb training and allows one to pursue personal passion. I would choose this program again.