Each month, the research admin team nominates a “Star of the Month” — someone who has gone above & beyond to be a helpful & supportive co-worker.

Star of the Month Archive
January 2023Amanda Coyle, Senior Coordinator — Dept. Payroll & Administration
November 2022Katie Geist, Grant Specialist I
October 2022Kelsey Arends, Media & Marketing Administrator
September 2022Sara Fisher, Clinical Research Coordinator II – Regulatory & Compliance
August 2022Linda Yun, Manager of Clinical Trials and Operations
July 2022Tika Oliver, Accounting Clerk
February 2022Patrick Yursik, Communications & Marketing Manager
January 2022Christina Caldwell, Manager of Administrative Services
December 2021Jon Bucher, Assistant Business Manager – Research
November 2021Amber Spies, Executive Secretary
October 2021Stacey Gopalakrishnan, Financial Analyst / Project Manager II
September 2021Andi Cox, Research Administrator
August 2021Sherry McKinnon, Manager of Clinical Research – Regulatory & Compliance
July 2021Waliah RaKhem, Senior Research Administrator
June 2021Yolanda Trevino-Parsons, Grant Specialist II
May 2021Whitney Payne, Grant Specialist I