Costs for DoCTR services, supplies and facilities will be provided upon request to the Manager of Clinical Trials and Operations. Fees are based upon a variety of factors which include:

  1. Funding source
  2. Study start up (IRB, contracts, CRFs, etc)
  3. Protocol complexity
  4. Intensity of service
  5. Targeted recruitment goals
  6. Projected screening enrollment/screen failures (time/effort)
  7. Resources and supplies
  8. Research support level (RN, Coordinator, Research Assistant)
  9. Ancillary costs (Investigational Pharmacy, CORE labs, etc)
  10. Specimen storage requirements
  11. Data storage (research files)
  12. Indirect Costs

Contact Information:
Casey Critchlow
Manager, Clinical Trials and Operations
(314) 273-0783