Protecting the health and well-being of those who protect our own.

As an employee of the Department of Anesthesiology and Washington University, you are a priority in everything we do. You are essential to achieving our missions of research, teaching, and patient care. WashU strives to provide a valuable employee experience – one that helps you thrive at work and outside of work.


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Wellness Outside Work

Below are photos of members of our department engaging and connecting with each other outside of work. Submit photos of you and/or your colleagues engaging in wellness outside of the office, here, so we can spotlight all of our members.

Wellness Champions

WashU Wellness Champion: Elizabeth Schappe

Meet Elizabeth Schappe, one of our Wellness Champions and CRNA pod leaders in PVT. Elizabeth serves the PVT ORs and the OB anesthesia team. She recently won a grant from the Washington University Wellness Program for exercise equipment for the department and hopes to have an exercise room in PVT by the end of 2022.

Aside from work, Elizabeth spends most of her free time exploring the outdoors with her husband and three children.

2022-23 Residency Wellness Team

These three are tasked with leading wellness initiatives for our residency program this academic year.

Ilesha Shah
My name is Ilesha Shah, and I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona. I did a BA/MD program in New Jersey and then made my way to WashU for residency. My plans for after residency are to pursue a chronic pain fellowship and hopefully have my own practice one day! In my free time, I like to travel with my husband, work out, and cook. 
Parita Jani
My name is Parita Jani and I’m one of the rising CA-1s. I grew up in Atlanta, GA, went to undergrad and medical school at UAB in Birmingham, AL, and couples matched here for residency with my husband (current radiology resident)! 
Sadia Karani

My name is Sadia and I’m also a CA-1. I’m originally from Houston went to medical school at UTSW in Dallas and ended up finally leaving Texas for residency. For me, wellness and self-care are essential and a joint effort in residency between residents and the program. As a wellness chair, I hope to optimize wellness at work and increase inclusivity by celebrating other cultural and religious holidays. 

Residency is tough, and trying to make it better for ourselves and our colleagues has been the main driving force for why we wanted to help lead wellness initiatives. In the next academic year, we hope to work with the GME to create a place for residents to be able to meditate/work out with the convenience of being located on campus. 

Wellness means different things to different people – our goal is to cater to the various facets whether it be ways to unwind individually or decompress as a group.

If you have any other ideas of what might make your resident experience better, please feel free to reach out. We’re always looking for new ideas!

Drs. Shah, Jani and Karani, Residency Wellness Champions 2022-23

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There are many apps, mindfulness resources, online support groups, and other tools to help you cope with challenges. Or maybe you just need a fun podcast recommendation or a book to read. Below are some resources recommended by members of the department.

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The majority of the resources below are organized by WashU’s Human Resources office. Those featured here are key resources for members of our department. Visit the HR website for additional resources to support your health, mental health, wellness, learning, and financial wellbeing.

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There are many apps, mindfulness resources, online support groups, and other tools to help us cope with challenges.

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