WashU Workouts

Journey to Well-being Video (Missouri Botanical Garden)

The Journey to Well-Being is an intentional walking program, encouraging participants to slow their pace while paying particular attention to natural elements. This virtual version is designed to allow the same type of experience for people from afar. The Missouri Botanical Garden created this in hopes for viewers to benefit from taking this time to slow their pace for a few minutes and connect with the serenity of the Japanese Garden.

Happiness and Health: Resilience in Trying Times (Grand Rounds video)

Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center, Director of Clinical Pain Research, The Back & Pain Center, University of Michigan

Introduction to Yoga for Wellness & Resilience

Dr. Susan Mackinnon, a well-known surgeon in the Division of Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery at WashU, is also a yoga teacher and she responded to Dr. Clare Ridley’s request to help healthcare workers deal with the stress of COVID-19.

These short videos (segmented by chapters below) focus on yoga, posture, and resilience and show us how to achieve wellness now, not in the future or with special equipment or circumstances.

Video chapters:

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • Tara Brach – Radical Compassion How can you introduce a sense of lightness so you are not weighed down by your thoughts or circumstances? (00:34)
  • Breathing Exercises How to stop your mind from churning. (2:24)
  • Breathing and Warm-up and Stretching Exercises Susan introduces breath awareness and stretching for calmness and flexibility of body and mind. (8:35)
  • Yoga Exercises Explore some exercises that you can perform in the office, operating room, ICU, and any other location without a mat or special equipment. (12:29)
  • Professional Timeout How do we turn a professional encounter like an OR case (or rounds) into a chance to practice professionalism and compassion? Enter, the “Professional Time Out.” (16:42)
  • Posture If you’re tired of being tight and sore at the end of the day, check this one out. It also changes the way you feel. (19:31)
  • Resilience Learn how to build the resilience back so that life doesn’t feel as challenging. (23:45)
  • Yoga Practice Yoga involves motion, but you can also do yoga just by breathing. The philosophy and practice of Yoga–or just feeling better without having to think about it so much. (31:22)
  • Q&A: Activity to Help Fall Asleep How do you go to sleep if your body and mind don’t share your plans? (41:48)
  • Q&A: Posture Assist for Long Periods at the Desk How can I feel good after sitting at the desk all day? (44:35)