Bridging the gap between well-being and professional development.

It is difficult to learn and perform well when you are not at your best. The Well-developed Podcast is a space to validate, normalize, and explore the ways we bring our whole selves to work. Learn how to capitalize on your own unique strengths, preferences, and sense of self to improve and develop your well-being!

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The Well-Developed Podcast is produced by Erin Herrera, CRNA, Associate Vice Chair for Well-Being, and Assistant Director for CRNA Activities, and Rachel Moquin, EdD, Assistant Professor and Director of Learning and Development.

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Episode 1: Introversion, Extroversion & You

Explore where you fall on the introvert/extrovert spectrum and how you can best capitalize on those traits personally, professionally, and on teams. Understand the unique ways your brain works and how understanding how you “tick” leads to better well-being.

Episode 2: Imposter Syndrome

Explore and discuss imposter syndrome and why it affects so many of us. Learn the many ways that imposter syndrome can manifest and ways to overcome it.

Episode 3: Exploring Boundaries

Join guest speaker Alicia Ott, a licensed therapist at Washington University to explore boundaries and why they are so important for well-being and professional growth. Learn how to best respect, evaluate, and set boundaries for yourself both at work and in your personal life.

Episode 4: Sleep Well: Exploring Healthy Sleep Habits

Guest speaker Alicia Ott joins us again to discuss all things sleep. We dive deep into strategies for rotational shift workers on how best to develop healthy sleep habits and cycles. Learn what sleep hygiene means and small steps you can take to improve your sleep so that you can learn and perform at your best. Whether you are a great sleeper, a terrible sleeper, a new parent, or a night shift worker, we have tips to help anyone find better sleep.

Episode 5: Cognitive Distortions

Are cognitive distortions playing a role in your thinking? Cognitive distortions are thoughts that cause individuals to perceive reality inaccurately. Join us as we discuss common cognitive distortions with Alicia Ott and ways to identify and overcome their effect and influence!

Episode 6: Psychological Safety

Join us as we explore psychological safety with Dr. Jenny Duncan. We dive deep into tangible ways to improve the psychological safety of our teams and workspaces, with a specific focus on methods to help trainees and learners improve their learning experiences, enhance performance, feel safe to ask questions, and feel valued and important team members, all through improving psychological safety!

Episode 7: Well-developed Spaces

Allision Johnson, a WELL-certified architect, joins us to discuss WELL-certified spaces and evidence-based ways to enhance your physical space to improve your health and well-being. From lighting and sound to FAKE plants, Allison has some incredible and accessible tips to upgrade your surroundings to enhance your wellness!

Episode 8: Mattering at Work

Dr. Nicole Defenbaugh joins us to explore why mattering, matters so much! We discuss simple, yet incredibly important ways you can make your teammates feel like they matter and the amazing impact of gratitude.

Episode 9: Resiliency

Do the words revise and resubmit strike fear into your heart? Like it or not, failure and disappointment are part of life! Dr. Kristina Dzara joins us as we explore the concept of resiliency, how we can foster resiliency in ourselves and our teams, and why developing resiliency is vital to your well-being, overcoming disappointment and professional success.

Episode 10: Benefits of Movement

Moving your body has so many advantages other than getting you “shredded” or losing weight! Join us as we talk with Kate Walton and Stephanie Scott from Personal Space Fitness about the many benefits of exercise and simple movement- like increased creativity, improved balance, better sleep, more energy and positive changes to your mental health! Learn some great tips and motivation techniques to get you up from your desk and small changes you can make each day to improve your overall well-being! 

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