Richard Villegas, MD (Links to an external site)

“I chose St Louis Children’s Hospital to do my pediatric anesthesiology fellowship because I wanted my last year of training to be at a busy transplant center, with robust cardiac rooms, and a nationally recognized pediatric intensive care unit. St Louis Children’s Hospital is a quaternary referral center on Washington University Medical Campus which has provided the support I need to continue my pediatric burn research that I originally started in Texas. Most importantly, it has some of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and nicest pediatric anesthesia staff I have met. Being able to experience tough, challenging cases in a friendly teaching environment was very important to me and SLCH definitely supports this culture.”

Kavya Narayana Reddy, MD (Links to an external site)

I chose the Pediatric Anesthesia fellowship program at St. Louis Children’s Hospital because I knew that it offers a very good mix of clinical and research opportunities. I knew I would be able to train in handling complex cases. I also knew I could develop skills in regional anesthesia, and would learn from the very best faculty and co-fellows.

Anne Kancel, DO (Links to an external site)

“I was immediately drawn to the Wash U fellowship at the start of my interview day. People were welcoming, approachable, and the case variety they offered was large. I have now been practicing pediatric anesthesia at a major Children’s hospital for 5 years. Wash U prepared me for this task with what they offer in clinical experience and didactics. I would hands down choose WashU again if I had to do it again. I made lifelong relationships with my teachers turned into colleagues, and I am forever thankful for all they have given me.”

Anna Jade Hartzog, MD (Links to an external site)

“I came to WashU for the people. When I interviewed for the fellowship, I immediately felt at home and knew that I would be supported in my goals in addition to receiving excellent training. The training was impeccable, and I left well-prepared for my next venture: pediatric cardiac anesthesiology fellowship. I am so grateful for my time at WashU!”

Megan Dewey, MD (Links to an external site)

“Staying at St. Louis Children’s Hospital for fellowship was an easy decision for me. As a residency graduate of WashU, I felt confident I would receive the best clinical training and mentorship by staying in St. Louis. My opportunities to perform fellow index cases even as a resident demonstrated that SLCH has not only an abundance and variety of cases but also the appropriate support to learn and grow. I have been lucky enough to develop mentor relationships with SLCH faculty which I know will last far beyond residency, and it has been a rewarding transition to remain with these teachers as a fellow.”

Brandon Tan, MD (Links to an external site)

“St. Louis Children’s Hospital is a nation-leading children’s hospital. With such a reputation it is such a bonus that the faculty and staff exude kindness and positivity. We have case complexity and tailored career development plans with faculty and a network to find fulfilling employment starting immediately.”

Micaela Clark-Bethel, MD (Links to an external site)

“WashU/St. Louis Children’s Hospital immediately stood out to me. I spoke with attendings, current fellows, and graduates. Everyone I spoke with responded with vibrant positivity and praise for the program. Complex cases, career development, and outstanding training in regional anesthesia were among the many reported strengths of the program. Most of all, a supportive and collegiate environment was consistently mentioned.”