The Jennifer Cole International Initiative Endowment Fund was established to support the development of long-term partnerships with international teaching institutions. These mutually beneficial collaborations will hopefully have a tremendous impact on the perioperative care and medical education at partner institutions while also providing novel opportunities as well as inspire the next generation of physicians at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Together, we make a difference.

To honor her memory, the Jennifer Cole International Education Initiative Endowment Fund was established. Jennifer Cole was an inspirational educator and role model for medical students, residents, and fellows who will be remembered for generations through the individuals her efforts will continue to touch.

Created to provide a transformative experience for participants, the Jennifer Cole International Education Initiative offers a unique opportunity for our trainees and faculty to work closely with international colleagues on education program development and quality improvement projects. These projects could potentially have a significant impact on the quality of their training programs and clinical practice. Our international teaching sites will provide clinical rotations and novel career development opportunities for our residents and fellows.

All contributions to the Jennifer Cole International Education Initiative Endowment Fund will be used to support the program’s long-term objectives:

  • Using academic projects to promote the career development of U.S. and international trainees in the areas of educational program and curriculum development, quality improvement, leadership, and research.
  • Pairing U.S. trainees with international counterparts while onsite to promote collaboration, bedside teaching, and sustainable professional relationships.
  • Developing education, mentorship, and training programs at our international partner institutions to promote the recruitment and training of anesthesiology practitioners in the perioperative specialty and clinical subspecialty areas.

Ways to Give

Online Gifts

Online Giving is the easiest way to give one-time or recurring gifts, new pledges, and payments on existing pledges.

Mail-in Gifts
Employee Deductions

Washington University employees may contribute to the fund through both payroll and discretionary account deductions.

The Department of Anesthesiology at Washington University School of Medicine will match individual gifts of $5,000 and greater, up to a total of $250,000.

Program Updates

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on various sectors worldwide, including healthcare and education. Regrettably, this has also affected our initiative to establish collaborations with international teaching institutions. The restrictions on travel, limitations on in-person exchanges, and the overall uncertainty brought by the pandemic have posed significant challenges.

Despite these obstacles, we remain committed to this important initiative and developing meaningful partnerships. We firmly believe in the transformative power of such collaborations, which have the potential to greatly impact perioperative care and medical education at partner institutions, while also creating novel opportunities and inspiring the next generation of physicians.

Currently, we are actively evaluating international collaborations and opportunities that align with our objectives. We are assessing potential partners, considering innovative approaches, and exploring alternative avenues for collaboration. It is important for us to ensure that any future engagements are not only beneficial but also adaptable to the dynamic circumstances presented by COVID-19.

Pre-COVID Updates

Our department has sent teams of residents, fellows, and faculty to multiple international teaching sites such as:

  • Roosevelt Hospital in Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences [AIIMS] in Delhi, India, and
  • Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital [CECH] in Blantyre, Malawi

Contact Information

For additional information or questions, please contact Anne DeSchryver.