Our department is comprised of sharp, curious, and innovative individuals. They challenge assumptions and push boundaries on what is possible. We are driven by our passion to make the world a better place.

A complete list of clinical faculty can be found at:

Executive Leadership

Led by Dr. Michael Avidan, our executive leadership team is comprised of talented individuals with a broad range of interests, expertise, and specialization.


Each division within the Department of Anesthesiology has its own chief and/or chair to oversee operations and activities of residents, faculty, and staff.


Our skilled business operations team runs all aspects of business, finance, administration, performance, and overall operations of the department.


Our education team is focused on training residents and fellows to be expert consultants in anesthesiology.


Anesthesiology residents are with us for four years — their intern/preliminary year (PGY1) and three years of clinical residency (PGY2, PGY3, and PGY4).


We offer fellowships in 11 different areas (seven are accredited), and each team has a fellowship program director and fellowship program coordinator(s).


Our department has three research divisions,  centers, and one research administration team. Our research includes a variety of programs in basic, clinical and translational, quality improvement, pharmacology, itch and sensory, and pain focus areas. 


We have more than 175 CRNAs with a broad range of interests, expertise, and specialization. Our group provides comprehensive clinical anesthesia at local facilities, including three community hospitals and four outpatient surgery centers. 

Pod Leaders

At WashU, we have five PODS for each of the five ORs — each with one or two POD leaders. POD leaders have a critical role in enhancing teamwork, diversity and inclusion, supporting learning and innovation, and ensuring that the POD is a safe and nurturing environment.

Administrative Staff & Secretaries

Our department runs smoothly and efficiently thanks to our admin team. If you are looking to contact one of our division chiefs or have questions about a sub-specialty, start here.