The Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology Division is dynamic and diverse, comprising 20 attending anesthesiologists with a range of interests and expertise. Six members of the division, who are intensive care physicians in addition to being CT anesthesiologists, staff the challenging 21-bed cardiothoracic intensive care unit.

Our critical care team holds joint appointments in Anesthesiology and Surgery. Our CT Surgery colleagues are similarly eclectic, talented and diverse, and enjoy clinical, educational and academic collaborations with us. Both the operating suite and the CTICU are new, boasting friendly environments and state of the art equipment.

Rotations in the CTORs and the CTICU are popular among medical students and residents alike. The CT Anesthesiology and the Critical Care fellowships are over-subscribed and are designed to train tomorrow’s leaders. We pride ourselves on our clinical acumen, our educational breadth, and our research endeavors.

Our facilities include up-to-date transesophageal echocardiography equipment with high resolution 3-D in all cardiac operating rooms. We also have one of the world’s first on-site coagulation monitoring laboratories.

Washington University School of Medicine is a large provider of cardiothoracic surgery in the Midwest with a broad referral base across several adjoining states. There is also an international referral base for complex thoracic and cardiac procedures including lung volume reduction surgery, lung transplantation, thoracic cancer surgery, and cardiac arrhythmia surgery. The clinical environment is noted for its multidisciplinary approach to patient care that includes easy collaboration with faculty from critical care, surgery, cardiology, pulmonary, and radiology divisions and departments.