In addition to INQUIRI’s role in providing benefit in the daily practice and advancement of anesthesiology and perioperative care, the goals of the Division align with the overall academic Mission and Vision of Washington University School of Medicine.  This alignment is evident from the commitment INQUIRI has to the education and training of medical and other students.  The Division offers programs that provide students with an academic rotation focused on INQUIRI-related research.  Many students have embraced this opportunity and have had rich and productive experiences. Several students have spent a year as research apprentices in the INQUIRI family, typically as NIH-sponsored TL-1 scholars. This experience allows them to participate in a research team generally, and specifically to design, implement, analyze and present clinical research studies. The INQUIRI team includes experienced researchers who are also dedicated mentors. INQUIRI is committed to attracting, training and nurturing students who are looking at future careers with both clinical and research components.