Your gift to the Department of Anesthesiology or any of the named department initiatives can be made through payroll deduction. Please follow the instructions below:


  • Go to Main Menu dropdown box
  • Select Employee Self Service
  • Select “Gift to Washington University”

If this is a first time gift, please use the yellow “Add Deduction” button
If this gift is in addition to another gift, please select the yellow “Edit “ button

A new gift page will be opened.

  • Enter the dollar amount you wish to be deducted from your paycheck per month.
  • Select the date for the deduction to begin. For employees who receive a bi-weekly paycheck, the deduction is only taken out of the first paycheck of the month.
  • Unless you specify otherwise, this deduction will continue until you cancel. If you prefer for the deduction to be cancelled at a certain date or at a certain amount, uncheck the box that reads “Continue Until I Cancel” and enter the appropriate information.
  • Select OTHER and type in Department of Anesthesiology. If you wish to donate your entire deduction to a specific fund, enter “100” in the corresponding Giving Options box. Otherwise, you may distribute your gift among various funds by entering various percentages totaling 100%.
  • Click the “Save” button to submit the deduction.

Thank you for your support!

Please contact Pam Morris in Medical Alumni and Development Programs with questions. (phone: 314.935.9693)

Note: To make a one time donation follow the steps through 3.  Uncheck “Continue Until I Cancel”   Fill in the dollar amount you entered in “$ Amount to be deducted per month”.  This is the easiest way to accomplish the one time donation. Continue with step 4.