General Anesthesia at Barnes-Jewish Hospital South has one of the largest operative theaters in Missouri. It provides services for more than 30 operating rooms and 10 remote locations that handle over 30,000 anesthetic cases per year. The faculty provides comprehensive clinical anesthesiology services for patients undergoing: General surgery Neurosurgery (with intraoperative MRI capabilities) ENT surgery Peripheral and major vascular surgery (open and endovascular) Urologic surgery (including robotic surgery) Colorectal surgery Gynecological surgery Trauma (Level I center) Interventional Radiology and Cardiovascular Procedure Center Transplant surgery Hepatobiliary surgery. Our global mission:

  • Provide excellent, efficient, compassionate patient care.
  • Teach the future generation of anesthesiologists to excel in perioperative medicine.
  • Provide opportunities for clinical and translational research in order to optimize patient care and education.
  • Contribute to the overall welfare of our community.
  • Specialty areas under General Anesthesia include colorectal anesthesia, neuroanesthesia, obstetrical anesthesia, regional anesthesia and vascular transplant anesthesia.

Physician-scientists & Involved Faculty In addition to their clinical duties, General Anesthesia faculty members are involved in several key departmental and University activities.

  • Development and implementation of the Perioperative electronic record – Dan Helsten, MD
  • Departmental Patient Safety Officer – Andrea Vannucci, MD
  • Residency Program Director – Richard Benzinger, MD, PhD
  • Basic Research Division Chief- Michael Crowder, MD, PhD
  • Associate Clinical Chief of Anesthesiology at Barnes-Jewish Hospital – Ivan Kangrga, MD, PhD
  • Washington University Vice Chancellor for Research – Evan Kharasch, MD, PhD