Welcome applicants!

We are very excited that you are interested in pursuing your anesthesiology training at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Our program is a national leader in clinical care, education, and research. Our affiliated hospitals, Barnes Jewish Hospital and St. Louis Children’s Hospital, are unique in that people travel nationally and internationally to receive care at both. Likewise, our residents also come from around the country and across the world.

As soon as we matched with WashU, the department reached out to offer resources for our transition to residency and living in St. Louis. We felt included into the program before we even arrived! The inclusiveness continues throughout the intern year while rotating through different specialties as well as our department’s intensive care units, simulation lab, and preoperative assessment clinic.

The department has a long tradition of social events that foster relationships between residents and faculty outside of the medical center, too. The program benefits from robust funding for monthly social events that give you opportunities to explore St. Louis with your co-residents. You can start taking advantage of these from day one to form lasting relationships that will become the cornerstone of your personal and professional life.

Following our intern year, we were welcomed to the operating rooms with a tutorial period which included a dedicated didactic series and robust clinical simulations. During these weeks, we worked closely with a co-resident and a faculty member to build our foundational anesthesia knowledge and skills. The program’s mentors pride themselves on being accessible and approachable to the residents, from junior faculty to the department chair. At WashU, the residency is considered the lifeblood of the department and our education is a top priority, evident in the department’s quadripartite mission of education, clinical care, research, and “the people.”

An innovation that sets our program apart is early exposure to subspecialty training immediately following the tutorial period. This is quite unusual among anesthesiology programs and turns out to be critical to the decision to apply for fellowship early in your CA-2 year.

Throughout your residency training at WashU, you will be challenged to care for a diverse patient population with any and every conceivable medical condition. Starting early CA-1 year, you will be exposed to every type of solid organ transplant, life-threatening polytrauma, innovative interventional pain procedures, neonatal and fetal anesthesia, etc. Although this breadth can seem daunting at first, strong support from faculty and senior residents sets the stage for a learning environment where you can build your skills safely.

We are extremely passionate about the Department of Anesthesiology and cannot wait to meet you to share more about our program! We think the training and relationships made here are invaluable, both for your personal and professional growth. If you train here, you can thrive anywhere.

Warm wishes,

Ramya Baddigam, MD
Micaela Clark, MD
Christian Guay, MD

Chief Residents, Department of Anesthesiology
Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis