Washington University’s Scholars Program is an ACGME and ABA-approved program that continues the University’s commitment to academic excellence, training the next generation of clinician-scientists.

Program Details

The WU Scholars program is a traditional four-year residency track (one year of clinical base, three years of clinical anesthesia) with nine months of protected research time built in.

Residents participating in the WU Scholars track experience many benefits to assist with building a career as physician-scientists, including:

  • 9 months of protected research time during residency.
  • Protected research time after residency or clinical fellowship.
  • Access to 20+ robust basic and clinical science labs within the department and opportunities to work with 400+ PIs across disciplines at Washington University.
  • Structured longitudinal mentorship and clinical and academic development support.
  • Pathways that support the resident’s transition to independence.

How to Apply

To apply for the WU Scholars Program, select “The 4-year Categorical Program (1353040C0)” track in ERAS. In addition to the standard ERAS application (including at least one letter of recommendation from a thesis advisor or research mentor) please submit a one-page statement detailing:

  • your research background,
  • possible future research interests, and
  • an outline of your career plans.

Applicants are invited to a special interview day that involves a detailed look at our department’s research projects, our trainees and scientists, and our infrastructure.

Applying to more than one research track

Applicants often apply to both the Academic Scholars Advancement Program (ASAP) and Washington University Scholars Program and can be considered for both tracks equally. You aren’t required to declare which research track you would like to pursue, rather, we encourage you rank the tracks in order of your preference.

For further questions regarding applying to the WU Scholar track or to submit a copy of your research statement, please reach out to the Manager of Education Programs, Erin Wood, at erin.wood@wustl.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

Do WU Scholars receive financial support for their research?

Supplementary financial support is provided in addition to the salary and educational stipends that are paid to all residents in the department.

Are WU scholar participants required to do their research with members of the Anesthesiology Department?

We welcome scholar participants to conduct their research with qualified mentors throughout the university. Research track residents have a successful track record of building collaborations between multiple research groups across the university.

By participating in the WU Scholar track, will I be expected to join the faculty after graduation?

No – our Department is committed to educating the next generation of physician-scientists, by providing all residents a high quality of training that will enable them to thrive anywhere following graduation. Although many program graduates have joined our faculty in recent years, there is no requirement for graduates to join the faculty. Graduates have both stayed at WashU and moved to positions at other institutions.