Events / Canceled: Research Data Blitz

Canceled: Research Data Blitz

4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

In response to the ongoing presence and impact of COVID-19 across the US, the department has decided to cancel this event. For more information, visit

This is an informal ‘work-in-progress’ session presented by Anesthesiology graduate students and postdocs. The “Data Blitz” style of presentation is a condensed 3-5 minute overview of a current project with emphasis on the latest data and ideas for the future. Everyone, especially faculty, is invited to come and participate in the discussion.

  • Xueming Hu, PhD – Hu lab
    Topic: “TRPV4+ microglia drive neuropathic pain”
  • Vicki Bartsch, PhD – Gereau lab
    Topic: “Evaluating the effect of injury on opioid response”

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