Events / Prof. Dev. Core Workshop #2: My Real Self

Prof. Dev. Core Workshop #2: My Real Self

4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

Our department is offering four Professional Development Core Workshops, one per month, beginning in March through June 2023. Each month there will be a 1-hour workshop on a development topic, a 1-hour workshop on a fundamental self-awareness or skill topic, and an optional Calm-based short course learning program.

My Real Self Core Workshop
A clear understanding of one’s current situation at work vis a vis one’s goals. The real self can be considered our current starting point on the development journey. Where we are can be informed by our own perception, the perception of others, and objective measures. Our own perception includes our view and also our assumptions about others’ views of us. Separate from our assumptions, others’ views of our real self can be elicited and help to inform our view – to reinforce areas of successes or challenges, or to refute disconnects between how we see our position and how others do. Objective measures that may be relevant to our personal values are also important to consider, such as position and responsibilities. In workshop 2, we will discover the challenges of knowing our real self, and consider ways in which we will seek out the real self information we need to be able to make informed decisions about where we are on the path toward our ideal self.

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