Events / Prof. Dev. Core Workshop #4: Networking and Leveraging Relationships

Prof. Dev. Core Workshop #4: Networking and Leveraging Relationships

3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

Our department is offering four Professional Development Core Workshops, one per month, beginning in March through June 2023. Each month there will be a 1-hour workshop on a development topic, a 1-hour workshop on a fundamental self-awareness or skill topic, and an optional Calm-based short course learning program.

Networking and Leveraging Relationships Core Workshop
Every aspect of our intentional change is connected to other people. Some provide inspiration for our ideal selves, our visions and goals. Some provide feedback for our real selves, where we are and how we are succeeding today. Others might provide recommendations for our learning plans, or feedback on our changes. Being able to recognize these valuable relationships, to cultivate them with the people who will root for our success and help us to become our best, can be the leverage we need to reach our highest goals. This workshop will focus on identifying and leveraging these relationships, nurturing what we have, seeking out what we need, and avoiding some of the pitfalls that exist in certain networking situations.

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