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St. Louis Translational Pain Research Forum

5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

We are delighted to extend a warm invitation to you on behalf of Saint Louis UniversityWashington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, and the University of Health Sciences & Pharmacy in St. Louis to attend the inaugural St. Louis Translational Pain Research Forum (STL-TPRF) on September 22-23, 2023.

As leaders in the field of pain research, we believe it is essential to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among scientists and researchers. The STL-TPRF aims to do just that by bringing together an outstanding group of scientists from the Midwest and NIH, who are all actively engaged in cutting-edge pain translational research.

The two-day forum will serve as a platform for exchanging insights, discussing advancements, and exploring novel approaches to tackle the complexities of pain management and treatment.

For inquiries contact Emma Witke.