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Financial and Administrative Services Employee of the Quarter

The Department of Anesthesiology administrative staff is composed of many talented people who are a very important part of the success of the department. In order to express our appreciation and recognize their many accomplishments, we have instituted an Employee of the Quarter award (EOTQ). 

An employee can be nominated for performing duties, and/or demonstrating capabilities that extend beyond their normal job expectations, such as: Exceptional performance or cooperation, Outstanding leadership, a Tremendous attitude, or Quality service.

Current FAS Employee of the Quarter

Patrick Yursik

Senior Manager of Communications and Marketing

Employee of the Quarter Archive
2022 Q2Patrick Yursik
2022 Q1Karen Moore
2021 Q4Hannah Graczyk
2021 Q3Maggie Litteken
2021 Q2Erin Wood
2021 Q1Emily Irvine
2020 Q4Patrick Yursik
2020 Q2Amber Spies
2020 Q1Jean Shim

Employee of the Quarter Nomination Form

If you know a staff employee in the Department of Anesthesiology that deserves this honor, please fill out the form below. All nominations will be kept confidential. A selection committee will select the Employee of the Quarter from the nominations which will be announced at the FAS Quarterly Staff Meeting. 

Note: Faculty, CRNA’s, and Senior Managers cannot be nominated.

The nominated staff employee will earn this award by demonstrating exceptional capabilities extending beyond his/her normal job expectations, such as: Exceptional performance, Outstanding leadership, Tremendous attitude, or Quality service. The selection process will be based on the “best” as determined by its importance and effect upon the department, clients and/or colleagues. Help your nominee win this recognition by being brief and specific about the reason(s) for the nomination.

For winning the “Employee of the Quarter” the nominee will receive the following:

  • The respect of their peers
  • Recognition from management
  • A plaque with the name of the Employee of the Quarter and the recognition/appreciation for the winner’s outstanding performance.
  • Choice of: Night on the town ($100 limit), $100 American Express gift certificate, or $100 cash.

Employee of the Quarter Nomination Form

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