David Lam, MD

David Lam, MD

Pain Medicine Fellow 2022-23

“The Pain Fellowship Program strongly stood out as a program that would allow me to develop my skills as a pain physician. The practice of pain management is so diverse and comprehensive—as such, it was crucial to me that I optimize my learning and training experience to prepare myself for life after training. 

Beyond the standard procedures, the program provides opportunities for fellows to further develop their skills and expose us to new interventions developing in the pain medicine world. The attendings are all motivated to remain at the forefront of these innovations and it is exciting as a trainee to experience and develop these skills firsthand. Moreover, the attendings encourage different thoughts of thinking and methodologies to promote independent clinical thought and judgment which is invaluable as a trainee.

The program has a strong infrastructure that allows the fellows to have a more thorough understanding of the necessary components beyond immediate medical management to ensure good quality care to patients.

Outside of work, I enjoy working out, golfing, and running through Forest Park. During the weekends, it has been great trying out the multitude of restaurants in the city as well as going to concerts and sporting events.”