Marie Goez, CRNA

Marie Goez, CRNA

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Marie has been a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) with the Department of Anesthesia for eight years. She completed her BSN from Southeast Missouri State University in 2006 and received her DNP/CRNA degree from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in 2014. Her DNP focused on using a multimodal approach to treating PONV relating to laparoscopic procedures.

Marie initially worked in BJH as a registered nurse in the SICU/Trauma Unit prior to anesthesia school. She was fascinated with the autonomy and research opportunities granted as a trauma ICU RN. Currently, Marie is in the float CRNA pool and practices in all PODS on the south campus, PVT, north campus, and the South County CAM. Additionally, she is an adjunct professor at the Goldfarb School of Nursing. She started as a CRNA working at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital and the Orthopedic Center and transferred to the South division in 2018. She helped build the Epic Anesthesia electronic medical record from 2015-2018, and participated as both an instructor and a Super User during the “Epic Go Live” in 2018. Recently, Marie has joined the Case Review Committee (CRC) and looks forward to reviewing cases and guiding quality improvement initiatives to improve patient safety. She also has volunteered to be a mentor for the new CRNAs entering the department in 2022. She hopes she can help new CRNAs acclimate and excel in WUDA.

Within WUDA, Marie enjoys mentoring and teaching SRNAs during their clinical rotations. She is amazed at how the department has expanded, adapted, and persevered during the Covid-19 pandemic, and is grateful for being a vital component during the many challenges WUDA has endured. She is humbled by the collaboration and adaptability of all departments including both Washington University and BJH. The cohesiveness and support exchanged between both Washington University and BJH toward improving all aspects of patient care is what inspired Marie initially to join WUDA while working in the SICU. Marie feels empowered working in the Department of Anesthesiology. She drives to promote education, research, and safe evidence-based clinical practice every day.

Outside of work, Marie is married to her husband, a Saint Louis native, and has a 2.5-year-old daughter. She enjoys the outdoors, hiking, and going to the beach. She loves watching the Cardinals and is so excited to see Albert Pujols back in Saint Louis!

Fun fact, Marie grew up in New York, Florida, Ohio, and Tennessee. She received a full athletic college scholarship and played Division 1 softball (third- base)! She met her husband while playing for a co-ed softball team made up of her former SICU coworkers and surgeons.