Pedro Rios Morales, MD

Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellow, Class of 2020

Residency: Walter Reed Military Medical Center

Medical School: University of Puerto Rico

“Going back to training after many years as an attending entails a big investment in many different aspects. It took me very little time in this fellowship to see that my decision was a good one. The faculty in this program are fully committed to the fellow’s education, pursuit of academic and research interests, and areas of interest. As fellows, all doors are literally open for you to discuss questions, concerns, management strategies in difficult cases and personal anecdotes with all attendings, regardless of experience level and leadership position. Most of the attendings feel like mentors, and you can feel their enthusiasm about your progression as a fellow. Even though my academic interests are regional anesthesia, cardiac anesthesiology for non-cardiac cases, and solid organ transplantation, there are plenty of opportunities to excel in many other areas. The pain and regional experience is robust. The cardiac attendings are one of the most approachable and helpful educators of the group. And I dare you to find a more collegial surgical suite environment like our cardiac and cath lab rooms. Also, the faculty as a group are very collegial amongst each other and go the extra mile to help each other, and that is very refreshing to see as a fellow. My fellowship class feels like a family, and independence is given for conflict resolution amongst each other in the many variables of life as a fellow. Regardless if you’re married or single, with human or fur babies, St. Louis has plenty to offer outside of the hospital, without the hassles of a big city. Good food, recreational activities (most of them free!) and kid-friendly places are in abundance. The fellowship program is a reflection of the city: a small big place with plenty of good people.”