Rachel Moquin, EdD

Director of Learning and Development

Rachel joined the department in 2020 as a faculty member and the director of learning and development. She enjoys getting to support department members in teaching and learning efforts, educational scholarship, and professional development. Some of her favorite things to think, talk, and learn about are feedback, mentoring, and qualitative research methods.

Rachel is from Memphis, Tennessee, but she moved to St. Louis five years ago and has fallen in love with the Midwest! She went to the University of Mississippi for both undergraduate and graduate school, where she earned her Master of Curriculum and Instruction, before continuing her education at Vanderbilt University, earning her Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

She and her husband, Dave, met in grad school and have two sons: Noah, who is almost five, and Thomas, who is one and a half. On weekends you can find them exploring all of the wonderful places St. Louis offers for kids– the Magic House, the Zoo, and the National Museum of Transportation are some of their favorites. Rachel is happiest when she is at a beach with a good book, and she loves to travel with her family. Her two main hobbies are reading (usually several books at a time) and watching select reality TV shows (Amazing Race and Survivor are favorites!).