Seantika Oliver

Accounting Clerk 

Seantika joined WashU and the Department of Anesthesiology in August 2019. She is part of the research administration team as an accounting clerk for purchasing where she submits travel reports for PI’s, pays invoices, creates and approves orders, and handles day-by-day expenses for labs. Before joining WashU, Tika worked as a customer service manager and accountant for Walmart for five years while attending school at Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville, IL.

As a child, Seantika was born with a rare spine disorder and club foot, and she had to undergo over 20 surgeries before the age of 15. She uses a wheelchair to get around outside of her home for long distances and to support her spine. Despite this, she recently bought a car where she has hand controls installed for more freedom and independence!

Seantika is currently enrolled as a part-time student at WashU working toward a certification in Clinical Research Management. This past fall semester, she finished a financial accounting class to better develop her skills and knowledge of her current position in purchasing. In her free time, Tika loves perfecting her cosmetology skills as a makeup artist and she enjoys watching suspenseful series and movies on Netflix. She also enjoys home decorating for her new house in O’fallon, IL!