Shirley Vaughn

Shirley Vaughn

Academic Programs Assistant

Shirley joined the department in 2010. Prior to joining the clinical world, she worked in sales and marketing for several companies over 30 years, including Mercy Health Plans, Spectrum Brands, and Angelica Image Apparel. She currently works in the resident office as the academic programs assistant. Her day-to-day tasks include coordinating the medical student rotations and doing what she loves best, event planning.

Shirley is proud to say she’s a country girl born and raised. She was born on a farm in Arkansas, and raised in Kennett, MO (Bootheel), which is also the home of Sheryl Crow, singer, songwriter.

In her spare time, Shirley enjoys spending time with her family, Caribbean traveling, sampling new restaurants, tending to her herb garden, cooking, and attending world-wide jazz concerts.

She is excited to be traveling to Curacao in October. Her bucket list trip is to attack Europe via backpack by train in her jeans, crisp white shirt, boots, toothbrush, and a pair of really cool shades. Living life is what it’s all about!