Stacey Gopalakrishnan, MBA

Stacey Gopalakrishnan, MBA

Financial Analyst II/ Project Manager II

Stacey joined the Department of Anesthesiology in July 2017. Prior to Joining the department as an accounting and purchasing assistant, she worked in the accounting office of Mungenast Automotive dealerships as the Assistant office manager of their its and Toyota stores.

Stacey currently works in the Research Administration office as a Financial Analyst II/Project Management II. Her day-to-day tasks include coordinating grant applications/budgets, reporting on individual lab financials to PI’s, and reporting on overall division financials to division chiefs.

Stacey recently completed her Master’s in Business Administration at Washington University Olin Business School in August of 2022. Her Concentration in the MBA program was Accounting/Finance and People Management. She hopes to utilize her education to support the department and further the mission of the medical school now and in the future.

Now that school is over Stacey has a little more spare time on her hands and she likes to spend that time with her husband and her family. Stacey is married to a third-generation Indian chef, from South India. Her husband is also attending culinary school at forest park community college currently, so enjoying new culinary creations is something that she enjoys. A regular activity involves walking her dogs around St. Louis City and County parks with her sisters or her husband. Stacey and her husband have two dogs: a 9-year-old Lab mix named Ammo and a 1-year-old Weimaraner named Sterling.