A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Enyo Ablordeppey, MD, MPH, FACEP, FCCM

A little neighborhood walk with my favorite people

5.00am: On an ideal day, I’m up! Especially if it’s an ICU week. If not, I press snooze. I check the baby monitor and give it another hour.

6.30am: Shower, get dressed and start getting the baby ready with my husband, Chad. He’s an elementary school teacher and leaves around 7:30am for work. If it’s an ICU week, I’m at work already! I’ve got lunch with my water and pomegranate juice in my Steelers lunch bag.

8.00am: Out the door to the office or starting ICU rounds. I need my coffee and granola; ICU rounds are long!

Just finished ICU rounds. Whew! Where did the rest of my team go? Advance practice practitioners, Pharmacist, nutritionist, respiratory therapist, why didn’t you get in the picture?

I work in the surgical ICU, surgical COVID ICU and tele-ICU. Some weeks, I’m working shifts in the Emergency Department.

9.30am: Let’s say it’s an office day: I respond to emails, attend Zoom meetings—you know the drill. I find it helpful to edit my “wish-list” for the day. I love my multicolored pens and paper calendar! I can’t function without them. I’ll admit that I get distracted by news and Twitter sometimes. I love med-twitter, great ultrasound videos, articles, and updates on what others are up to.

12.30pm: Rounds are over or I’m done with office work for the morning. I grab a quick lunch and on to the next task. More emails, write notes, draft at least one section of a grant, article, lecture, etc. I love to multitask,—I just give everything a little time and eventually, it will all get done.

Mid-afternoon meeting with My trio in the Office of professional development, diversity, equity, inclusion, and wellness.

2pm: Time to meet with my ultrasound fellows. I love working with advanced learners, it’s really cool to watch the dots connect. I feel good that they will use what they learn to immediately help patients. If not doing that, maybe a research meeting or lecture.

4pm: Afternoon rounds—these are quicker. Check those boxes and make sure everything gets done. Leave a little time to walk around, touch base with nurses and other colleagues. Oh yeah, its Wordle time…

It’s tennis time. Time to swing out all the stress of the day. Working on my serve!

6pm: ICU signout or head home. I’m really making an effort to get home between 6-7pm. Baby goes to bed around 7:45pm. I really love my mommy time and our nighttime routine. One or two nights a week, I may have a dinner or an event during that time. Mondays, I play tennis. I started taking lessons again and I really enjoy it. Look out, Serena!

9pm: Baby is asleep. I’ve prepared her food and milk for tomorrow. I read through emails in more detail, respond to a few. One more hour to focus on lecture, grant writing, manuscript, etc.

11:00p: Ok, time to wind down. “Wonder how patient in Bed XX is doing?” I think. Look through the days “wish-list” and check things off. Plan a new list for tomorrow.