Whatever your role is in our department…
Whatever your next professional goal might be…
Wherever your focus is, this series is for you.

The department is offering four Core Workshops as part of our professional development program. These Core Workshops cover topics like envisioning success, building key relationships, measuring success, and transformational growth. Additionally, each workshop presents a unique opportunity for networking and collaboration.

The themes of the four workshops and the dates/times offered are listed below. Each workshop will present you with a hands-on learning opportunity. If you attend all four sessions, you will receive the completion certificate.

Upcoming Events

Cohort 4 (Virtual via Zoom)
Mondays from 5-6 p.m.

December 4

Core Workshop 1: Envisioning Success

Set goals that are important to you! Have your goals always aligned with your values? Have your goals made the best use of your greatest abilities? We have so much to offer and great potential to continue to learn and grow. Many of us are challenged in setting goals that are internally motivated, aligned with practical needs, and allow us to thrive along the way. Understanding what we really want and where our talents best serve us can help make our goal-setting better, driving achievement.

Dates (choose one):

Dates for Cohorts 1-4 have passed for workshop 1. Check back soon for Cohort #5 dates.

Core Workshop 2: Building Key Relationships

No one is an island. We are in relationships in every part of our lives. Some are wonderful. Some are helpful. Our key relationships include mentors, advisors, coaches, protégés, sponsors, and more. When did you last take stock of these? Do you get everything you need? Is there room for improvement? A need for change? Are you working on becoming a better mentor or sponsor? Understanding our key relationships and taking a proactive approach will help.

Dates (choose one):

Dates for Cohorts 1-4 have passed for workshop 2. Check back soon for Cohort #5 dates.

Core Workshop 3: Measuring Success

Change can be very hard. We all benefit from help. Being able to see our impact and our change can be quite a challenge. What are your greatest strengths? Can everyone see them? What do you see as your most important impact? Is that where others see your influence best? How can we appreciate ourselves and our impact best – to inform our goals and see the effects of our work? 

Dates (choose one):

Dates for Cohorts 1-4 have passed for workshop 3. Check back soon for Cohort #5 dates.

Core Workshop 4: Transformational Growth

You have made remarkable growth and change throughout your life! Sometimes it was with formal training. Sometimes it was to adapt to a new situation. How can we harness this ability to make positive changes at any time?

Dates (choose one):

Cohort 4: Monday, December 4 — 5-6 p.m. (virtual via Zoom)


Our workshops offer flexibility, allowing you to attend any session without prerequisites based on your interests. We maintain a live, interactive learning model and will not provide recordings or asynchronous learning. If you aren’t able to commit to all workshops today, please register for the dates you know you can make. You can always come back and sign up for the remaining workshops on another date.

Please select the date/time for each of the four workshops that work best for you.

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