The WashU CRNA Mentorship Program is designed to ensure all newly hired CRNAs have all the necessary tools, information, and guidance to be successful within our institution.

WashU CRNA Mentorship Program was piloted in July 2022 by Abby Bisch, DNP, CRNA and Elvira Sayfutdinova, MSN, CRNA and is incorporated into the new-hire orientation.

In conjunction with the WashU Department of Education, CRNA mentors participate in a mentorship workshop prior to being matched with a mentee. Some of the topics covered during the workshop include:

  • The functions of mentors
  • Fostering a supportive relationship with their mentee
  • Establishing expectations and goals

All mentors and mentees go through a mutual selection process where both the mentor and mentee get to make a choice of who they are matched with. Once matching is completed, a CRNA mentor is paired with their mentee CRNA. The mentor meets with a mentee once a month for a coffee or lunch to discuss questions about our institution, workflow, and policies. The mentee can reach out to their mentor over email or phone for guidance outside of the scheduled meetings. 

Mentoring is a reciprocal learning relationship in which the mentor and mentee agree to a partnership where they will work collaboratively toward achieving mutually defined goals. This helps develop a mentee’s skills, abilities, and knowledge. A mentor is different from a preceptor. Mentors are not decision-makers, but they…

  • Provide guidance and teach their mentees to arrive at their own answers.
  • Work directly with the new hire to provide information about the institution’s workflow, policies, protocols, and more.
  • Provide ongoing support to the mentee.

We believe that our CRNA mentors help our mentees to smoothly transition into practice at Barnes Jewish Hospital regardless of the level of experience of the newly hired CRNA. Come join our anesthesia family and get matched with one of our wonderful CRNA mentors!