Class of 2024 — Douglas Nguyen, MD

My main goal for residency was to graduate as a competent anesthesiologist, prepared for any complexity that might arise. This included choosing a program like WashU. Like many top-tier programs, it offered early exposure to sub-specialty care, with complex pathologies in every case. But what made WashU stand out was its one-of-a-kind culture. Everyone is just […]

Class of 2024 — Mallory Hawksworth, MD

As I began the interview process, I reflected on the qualities I most wanted in a residency program. While many of the top anesthesiology programs in the country provide excellent training, there were a few factors that really made WashU stand out. I was born and raised, and attended college and medical school in the […]

Class of 2024 — Jeffrey Wherritt, DO

As I look toward fellowship and the next steps in my career, I am grateful for all that WashU has provided me. Whether that future lies in academia or private practice, I am confident WashU has given me all the skills I need to succeed, and a network of friends and colleagues to support me […]

Class of 2024 — Sam Erlinger, MD

My journey to WashU began earlier than most. Growing up just outside of St. Louis, I attended high school just a few blocks away from WashU’s medical campus. As a result, I had the opportunity to participate in a program that paired students with a physician-scientist mentor at WashU. Even at that early point in […]

Class of 2025 — Shourik Dutta, MD

When I reflect back on what helped me choose WashU, a couple things come to mind. First, I was fortunate enough to visit St. Louis prior to rank list’s for residency being due, and what I found is that STL is a hidden gem. The city is Goldilocks-sized, with numerous urban attractions without the overcrowding, […]

Class of 2023 — Kathleen Bickel, MD, PhD

When looking for an anesthesiology residency program that combined excellent clinical training with support for developing a career in the basic sciences, WashU was a frontrunner. My brother and sister-in-law also lived in St. Louis at the time, which was an added plus. I was ecstatic to match here, and firmly believe that no other […]

Class of 2021 — Tamanna Huda, MD

As I began the interview process, I had a few things that I was looking for in a program: good people, great training, work-life balance, and a convenient location. I ranked WashU number one on my list because it was truly the only program that offered all of these things. I met a lot of […]

Class of 2021 — Mark Arcario, MD, PhD

Mark Arcario, MD, PhD

I vividly remember the match process from two years ago — the application, the nervous wait for interview invitations, the frantic packing (and unpacking) of a suitcase, and, most importantly, opening that letter. As a medical student, it can be hard to know what to look for in a residency program because you really do […]