Why Choose WashU

Class of 2024 — Jeffrey Wherritt, DO

As I look toward fellowship and the next steps in my career, I am grateful for all that WashU has provided me. Whether that future lies in academia or private practice, I am confident WashU has given me all the skills I need to succeed, and a network of friends and colleagues to support me for many years.

I chose WashU anesthesiology for residency for many reasons. Being from the Midwest, I was excited to be near family. St. Louis also offers the perks of a larger city without many of the downfalls (aka traffic). A few hobbies of mine include golf, tennis, and an appreciation of food. The food scene was quite surprising, there are many options with high-quality foods of all types. Since moving I’ve also grown to appreciate all the local breweries, which are a staple of St. Louis. As an avid golfer/tennis player, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the opportunities to continue to pursue those interests here, as well. With the many parks and recreational facilities, there are plenty of opportunities to stay active, even with a busy schedule.

As far as the program itself, I felt like I was given an honest representation during my interview trail, and was very pleased with what I saw. This program offers everything you could ask for during training, and I anticipate being able to handle any/all situations as a practicing anesthesiologist, mainly because of exposure during residency. Since starting my training, I can confirm these beliefs. The faculty is highly supportive, and the repertoire speaks for itself. Personally, I’m interested in pursuing a fellowship after residency, and it’s reassuring to know that WashU has every fellowship program available. Looking back on my decision for residency, I would absolutely choose to come here again if given the chance.