Why Choose WashU

Class of 2023 — Kathleen Bickel, MD, PhD

When looking for an anesthesiology residency program that combined excellent clinical training with support for developing a career in the basic sciences, WashU was a frontrunner. My brother and sister-in-law also lived in St. Louis at the time, which was an added plus.

I was ecstatic to match here, and firmly believe that no other program would have been as beneficial for my education and career development.

I love the camaraderie amongst the residents here and have found many role models amongst the faculty. As an independent learner who learns best by experience, the acuity and variety of clinical learning experiences at Barnes-Jewish Hospital is truly unique and has made for an excellent, if sometimes challenging, training environment. I have also received mentorship from nationally acknowledged physician-scientist anesthesiologists, and the research program here has gone above and beyond to help me launch a career as a physician-scientist.

Additionally, St. Louis has been an easy and enjoyable city to live in. My husband and I just had the joy of having our first child, Abigail, at the start of September.