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Dr. Simon Haroutounian provides a useful resource for home medications in first published book

Congratulations to Dr. Simon Haroutounian, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Interim Chief of the Division of Clinical and Translational Research (DoCTR), on his recently published book entitled Preventing Medication Errors at Home

The book is published by Oxford University Press and is a result of a 6-year effort to help people better manage their medications, and to prevent unnecessary side effects, Emergency Department visits, and hospitalizations due to various types of events such as drug-drug interactions, drug duplications, or overdoses.

“Preventing Medication Errors at Home is not a guide on how to treat specific conditions or a substitute for a clinician advice – it is rather a resource that provides a broad knowledge base on how drugs work, and how to take them (if one indeed needs to) to maximize the benefits and minimize the harms of medication therapy,” said Dr. Haroutounian. “In my experience, when patients understand the language of medication therapy, it is easier for them to communicate with their clinicians, and ask the right questions.”

He will be live on the “Beyond the Heart” broadcast on Doctor Radio, a SiriusXM Radio station this Thursday, December 19 between 10:30-11 a.m. CET.

Dr. Haroutounian is the Interim Chief of DoCTR, Chief of Clinical Research at the Washington University Pain Center, and an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology.

Below are some images from the book release party hosted by the department’s research group.

  • Dr. Haroutounian signing book
  • Dr. Haroutounian signing book
  • Dr. Avidan and Dr. Haroutounian
  • Dr. Haroutounian signing book