Perioperative Medicine Fellowship

The Perioperative Medicine Fellowship at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis is designed to provide a broad experience in perioperative medicine, clinical leadership, quality improvement, and clinical research.

The 12-month fellowship leverages our department’s leading-edge programs in preoperative care, machine-assisted perioperative population monitoring, and perioperative clinical research. The emphasis of the fellowship year can be adapted to the individual goals of the Perioperative Medicine Fellow, which may include clinical leadership, quality improvement, or clinical research.

The fellowship is comprised of rotating weekly activities for most of the year, with several months of superimposed elective clinical experiences. The average week consists of two days of perioperative clinical activities (including advanced work in our preoperative clinic and ACT population monitoring center), two days devoted to nonclinical activities (quality improvement, clinical research, and/or clinical leadership), and one day working as a generalist operating room anesthesiology attending. During approximately four months of the year, the weekly perioperative clinical activities days are replaced by elective clinical experiences. Elective options include nutrition, geriatrics, blood bank, perioperative ultrasound, echocardiography, endocrine, and clinical administration.

Our department, university, and medical center offer many relevant strengths to the prospective Perioperative Medicine Fellow. Key strengths that underpin our program include our: 

  1. Perioperative faculty team, which includes experts in research, quality improvement, institutional leadership, and clinical care across multiple domains of perioperative care and specialty anesthesia,
  2. large and comprehensive multi-site preoperative clinic program, the Center for Preoperative Assessment and Planning (CPAP),
  3. Anesthesiology Control Tower (ACT) program, which employs machine-assisted population monitoring to improve the quality and safety of perioperative care, and
  4. department’s diverse clinical research activities.

Center for Preoperative Assessment and Planning

Center for Preoperative Assessment and Planning (CPAP)

Our faculty team leads a large and vibrant preoperative clinic program, the Center for Preoperative Assessment and Planning (CPAP). Our CPAP program evaluates all patients undergoing elective surgeries across five surgical facilities in the St. Louis metro area.

Patients are evaluated at one of our three preoperative clinics (view map) via inpatient consultation or via phone. In total, our annual patient encounters exceed 55,000 patients yearly. All encounters include a comprehensive medical history, identification of patient-specific risks, assessment of facility appropriateness, and coordination of optimization activities.

Anesthesiology Control Tower

Our Anesthesiology Control Tower (ACT) program is a research and clinical center for monitoring populations of patients preparing for, undergoing, and recovering from surgery. Teams of clinicians use customized software monitoring interfaces, machine learning, and telecommunication to augment patients’ perioperative care. 

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis is the only academic medical center with this novel technology, which has the potential to revolutionize the standard of care for perioperative medicine.

Fellowship Application

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Meredith McLaughlin with questions prior to completing their application.