Joanna  Abraham, PhD

Joanna Abraham, PhD

Associate Professor, Anesthesiology and the Institute for Informatics (I2)

Jacob  AuBuchon, MD

Jacob AuBuchon, MD

Medical Student Director; Associate Professor, Anesthesiology

Michael  Avidan, MBBCh, FCA SA

Michael Avidan, MBBCh, FCA SA

Dr. Seymour and Rose T. Brown Professor of Anesthesiology; Head of the Department of Anesthesiology

Founding Director of the Initiative for Quality Improvement, Research and Informatics (INQUIRI)

Admin; Lauren LaChance

Arbi  Ben Abdallah, PhD, DES

Arbi Ben Abdallah, PhD, DES

Associate Professor, Anesthesiology

Jamie Brown-Shpiegel, MD

Jamie Brown-Shpiegel, MD

Pod 4 Leader; Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology

Kelly  Chilson, MD

Kelly Chilson, MD

Clinic Director of CT Pediatric Anesthesiology; Professor, Anesthesiology

Anne  Drewry, MD

Anne Drewry, MD

Vice Chair; Chief of Critical Care Medicine

Julie  Drobish, MD

Julie Drobish, MD

Clinical Director of Pediatric Liver Transplantation; Associate Professor, Anesthesiology

Leon du Toit, MBChB, FCA(SA)

Leon du Toit, MBChB, FCA(SA)

Instructor, Anesthesiology; Attending Physician, Center for Preoperative Assessment and Planning (CPAP)