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Alex Mohrman appointed CRNA clinical chief at BJH

We are thrilled to announce that Alex Mohrmann has accepted the position of BJH CRNA Clinical Chief!

Alex has served as CRNA team leader of remote anesthesia for the past two years, working tirelessly to improve the area and establishing himself as an integral part of the leadership team.

Through his knowledgeable and skillful guidance, Alex assisted in streamlining processes, establishing protocols, and enhancing workflows vastly improving patient care, teamwork, and communication. Additionally, his role allowed him to gain a great understanding of the clinical operations of Barnes Jewish Hospital as well and establish his leadership abilities.

Alex is well known for his work ethic and clinical skill, and is committed to the development and success of others around him. He is a mentor to many, as well as a champion and advocate for the Department of Anesthesiology and its members. In his new role as BJH Clinical Chief, Alex will have the opportunity to build upon his experience as CRNA team leader to make a meaningful impact for our department.

Alex embodies the missions of our department and works tirelessly to elevate his colleagues and the institution. He is a true servant leader, and we look forward to his continued successes and insightful leadership he will surely bring.

David Eisenbath, CRNA
Director for CRNA Activities

Erin Herrera, MSN, CRNA (she/her)
Associate Vice-Chair of Well-Being