Erin Wood

Erin was born and raised across the river in Southern Illinois and has enjoyed a varied educational and career background that has led to; out-planting federally endangered orchid species in the Hawaiian islands, gaining an MS in Plant Pathology from the University of Florida, and a rewarding career in nonprofit communications upon first returning to the Midwest. 

Ultimately, Erin joined the Department of Anesthesiology as a Residency Program Coordinator in 2018. In her words, “It’s both a challenging and rewarding position – it’s certainly never boring!” In addition to supporting the day-to-day operations of the residency with co-coordinator Maggie Litteken, Erin supports the WU Scholar and ASAP research tracks, helping aspiring physician-scientists navigate their training journeys. 

Erin currently resides in Old North St. Louis where she and her fiancé James are working to restore their historic home (124 years and counting!). When not working on the house, she loves cycling, hiking, working in her extensive backyard garden, and enjoying dinner parties with her neighbors.