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Welcome Dr. Kathleen Bickel

Dear Colleagues – 

We are happy to welcome Dr. Kathleen Bickel as faculty. Her clinical work will be in the Division of Regional and Ambulatory Anesthesia, and she will have a research appointment in the Division of Basic Research. 

Dr. Bickel received her Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Philosophy from Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. She completed her residency in anesthesiology followed by the Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Fellowship here at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. 

We are excited to have Dr. Bickel join our faculty. Please warmly welcome Dr. Bickel when you see her on campus beginning this week.

Mitchell Fingerman, MD, FASA
Chief, Regional and Ambulatory Anesthesiology
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology

Jose Moron-Concepcion, PhD
Chief, Division of Basic Research
Henry E. Mallinckrodt Professor of Anesthesiology