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Justin Knittel, MD, appointed Section Chief of Trauma Anesthesiology

Justin Knittel, MD

We’re pleased to announce that Justin Knittel, MD, has accepted the position of Section Chief of Trauma Anesthesiology in the General Anesthesiology Division. Dr. Knittel received his medical degree at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, followed by an Internship in the Department of General Surgery at Mount Sinai Hospitals, NYU Health System. He completed a Residency in Anesthesiology at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston before arriving in St. Louis, where he completed his fellowship in critical care medicine at Washington University.

Dr. Knittel has been a member of the Department of Anesthesiology at Washington University since 2014. Since joining the department, he has held several key roles, including Resident Education Director for the Division of Critical Care, Trauma Anesthesiology Fellowship Director, and Assistant Chief for the Section of Trauma Anesthesiology. Dr. Knittel’s leadership has been key to the Trauma Section’s continued growth and development, which includes collaboration with our surgical colleagues in Acute and Critical Care Surgery, Orthopedic Trauma, and Neurosurgery. Over the last two years, Dr. Knittel has led a vibrant Trauma Fellowship program, which is one of only six such programs in the U.S. He has spearheaded the recruitment of highly motivated fellows who have an interest in elevating the care of patients with traumatic injuries at our Level 1 Trauma Center.

Dr. Knittel continues to build on the many positive aspects of our trauma fellowship program. He has a strong interest in marrying his passion for trauma anesthesiology with his commitment to global health. Notably, he has worked closely with other leaders in our department to develop a collaborative exchange program with the University of Cape Town in South Africa. In 2018, he was a member of a delegation from our department that laid the groundwork for this durable collaboration. He has subsequently been coordinating efforts with anesthesiology leaders in Cape Town and has organized joint educational conferences between the departments. In March of this year, he will co-lead with Dr. De Wet a group of faculty, fellows and residents to the University of Cape Town. The overarching goal will be to build durable research, educational, and quality improvement projects between the institutions. This exciting collaboration will add tremendous appeal to our trauma anesthesiology fellowship.

Dr. Knittel is a highly trusted and accomplished leader in trauma anesthesiology. He is respected by peers and colleagues for his clinical acumen, hard work, fairness, and commitment to our department’s missions. He is a passionate and gifted educator and is a strong advocate for our trainees. Over the last two years, he has increasingly assumed additional responsibilities within the trauma section. This has included the planning and execution of two annual section meetings and an increased role in day-to-day clinical trauma operations at BJH. In addition to his leadership in trauma and global health, he is a pivotal member of our Critical Care Division and has played a major role in spearheading our perioperative telehealth programs, including the innovative Anesthesiology Control Tower.

We are confident that Dr. Knittel will lead the Section of Trauma Anesthesiology with an emphasis on exceptional patient care, exemplary education, and important knowledge generation. His approach will continue to enhance our reputation as international leaders in trauma anesthesiology. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Knittel on his exciting new role.

Molly McCormick, MD 
Chief, Division of General Anesthesiology

Ivan Kangrga, MD, PhD
Vice-Chair for Health System Liaison

Jason Gillihan, MD
Division Chief of Anesthesiology at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital