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Melissa Bowman appointed as Business Director for Pain and Community OR divisions

I am excited to announce that Melissa Bowman was recently appointed as the new Business Director for our Pain and Community OR divisions.

Melissa has been with the department for almost eight years fulfilling crucial roles in scheduling, credentialing, and enrollment—most recently as the manager of those teams. She carries a broad knowledge of the department’s operations, has established relationships with many of our key stakeholders in her new areas, and is looking forward to working more with these groups.

Melissa’s first day in her new role was March 21, and she has hit the ground running. We have greatly benefitted from Melissa’s talents and skillsets already, and I’m thankful she has accepted this important role. I look forward to seeing her continue to grow and have a positive impact within both the department and the School of Medicine. Please join me in congratulating Melissa on this greatly deserved promotion!

Moving forward, Amy Stabenow will assume the role of the direct leader of the long-term scheduling, credentialing, and enrollment teams. Melissa Murray will move over to long-term scheduling under Jean Shim, where she will continue to be the primary contact for community schedules and will support Jean with scheduling and reporting work. 

Gerris Sanders and Ann Stone will take on lead roles in their respective credentialing and enrollment areas. Gerris will oversee provider credentialing along with Tawana Vance, and Ann will oversee provider enrollment along with our newest employee, Victoria Black.      

Nick Wiscons
Sr Director, Clinical Operations
Department of Anesthesiology
Washington University in St Louis Medical School