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Memorial award established in honor of Sandy Hawes

Friends, family, and colleagues gathered on September 24th in Forest Park to remember Sandy Hawes, a beloved friend and dedicated member of the Department of Anesthesiology. At the gathering, family members shared fond memories of Sandy, including how she and her husband met; there were moments of laughter, tears of sadness, and respect for loss of a loved one. Everyone in attendance also recited a memorial prayer to recognize Sandy’s life accomplishments.

In honor of Sandy, the department has established the Sandy Hawes Memorial Award, an annual award recognizing department members who possess excellent communication skills, are supportive in nature, well-poised, dedicated, and go above and beyond the call of duty, all of which Sandy displayed during her 30+ years of employment at Washington University.  A solicitation for nominees will be sent out to department members via e-mail soon.

Department members also graciously donated funds to procure a piece of artwork called Transient Beings (2021) to stand as a lasting memory of Sandy. The art is of three beautiful birds, and the name inspires us to live life to its fullest as it is precious and sometimes short.

The artists are local, LaVispera, and comprised of two visual artists that due to their affinity and desire to create works that approach the ecological crisis, they embarked on a journey of making a project to raise awareness.  Lately, they have focused on making stained glass windows made of single used plastic.  If you look closely at the artwork, you will see that plastic incorporated into this piece. 

The piece is located on the 3rd floor of the Peters Building in the department’s staff lounge.  Please stop by and take a moment to view the art and pay tribute to the memory of Sandy.

Sandy, your legacy will live on in the many lives you have touched.