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2023 Residency & Outstanding Teacher Award recipients announced

The graduating residents of 2023 have completed their foundational anesthesiology training, and are now entering the next phase of their professional lives. The Department of Anesthesiology is proud to celebrate the residents’ many and varied accomplishments over the course of their training. This year’s graduation was a wonderful event, held in the awe-inspiring atmosphere of the planetarium. All the graduating residents were praised for their remarkable achievements. In addition, several residents were recognized with particular awards based on their singular contributions. Also, the graduating residents select faculty members who have made a profound impact on their clinical training for the annual outstanding teacher awards.

We’re delighted to announce this year’s residency and outstanding teacher award recipients!

Outstanding Teacher Awards: 

The faculty members who receive this award are selected through a voting process of the residents. The award recognizes faculty members who have made significant and positive contributions to the education of residents in a given academic year.

Adithya Bhat, MD, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology

“Dr. Bhat has consistently been an outstanding educator, said Chief Resident, Manjeep Sidhu, MD. “From shepherding our newest residents in the OR during tutorial to helping senior residents transition into the role of an attending anesthesiologist, Dr. Bhat has provided pearls of wisdom every step of the way. His clinical acumen, along with the compassion he shows his patients and colleagues, make him an excellent role model for residents.”

Emine “Aysu” Salviz, MD, Instructor in Anesthesiology

“Since joining WashU, Dr. Salviz quickly distinguished herself as a superior educator through detailed bedside teaching and high-yield formal lectures,” said Chief Resident, Patricia Strutz, MD. “Whether she is attending on the regional pain service or administering intraoperative anesthesia, she ensures we understand the science and techniques that lead to optimal patient outcomes. Dr. Salviz’s active listening and patience while communicating encourage us to be excellent physicians and most importantly, fulfilled individuals. As she has said before – ‘Lesson 1. take risk. Lesson 2. never stop dreaming.’ We’re grateful for her devotion to resident education and are thrilled to acknowledge her as one of our top educators.”

Muthuraj Kanakaraj, MD, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology

“Dr. Kanakaraj’s passion for education is evident from the first time you’re paired with him as a resident,” said Chief Resident, Mark Hanak, MD. “Whether you are working together for a scheduled case or in the wee hours of the night, Dr. Kanakaraj always exudes a positive attitude that fosters an environment of inquiry. His selflessness to teach residents during his time off with the oral fiberoptic simulator certainly did not go unnoticed. We are very fortunate to have such an expert clinical educator in airway management in our department, but his skills extend far beyond that. While it is always difficult to choose an outstanding teacher of the year award, I cannot think of a more deserving individual.”

Leonard W. Fabian Award: Abigail Petersen, MD

The outstanding first-year resident award is bestowed based on a vote by all the department faculty members. The recipient represents the ideals of the department: professionalism, commitment to high academic standards, and clinical performance.

“Dr. Petersen consistently impresses her peers and teachers with a perpetual enthusiasm for learning,” said Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, Catherine Foster, MD. “Her contagious spirit is unrelenting in the face of exhausting circumstances and never rests even after she has demonstrated great aptitude at her work. Her kindness, composure, and quick thinking will surely be a boon to countless future patients. As the class of 2025 is brimming with exceptional residents, this award is a significant recognition indeed.”

Dr. Petersen will continue her residency training with us in the coming year.

Peter E. Krucylak Award: Jackie Yu, MD

The recipient of this award is selected by the cardiothoracic anesthesiology faculty members. This award recognizes an outstanding resident in the area of cardiothoracic anesthesia.

“Jackie is an excellent resident — she is extremely diligent, but also easygoing and fun,” says Division Chief of Perioperative Medicine, Stephen Gregory, MD. “She was identified early on in residency as someone who was talented at cardiac anesthesia. She will be an excellent CT anesthesia fellow next year, and I am excited to see her develop further as a fellow.”

Dr. Yu will begin an Adult Cardiothoracic Fellowship in the department on July 1, 2023. 

Necita L. Roa Award: Ilesha Sevak Shah, MD

The recipient of the Roa Award is selected by program leadership. This award recognizes a member of the graduating resident class for their citizenship, essential attributes, and contributions to the program.

“Ilesha is a very dedicated member of WUDA,” said Andrea Reidy, MD, director of QA/QI. “She has shown a lot of fortitude, dedication, and resiliency during four years as a resident. She will do well as she moves forward with her career, and we are lucky she is staying on as part of the chronic pain division.”

Dr. Shah will begin a Pain Medicine Fellowship in the department on July 1, 2023. 

Congratulations to all the recipients and graduates!