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Three CRNAs named finalists for Excellence in Nursing Awards

St. Louis Magazine’s 15th annual Excellence in Nursing Awards, presented by BJC HealthCare and Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College, has announced finalists for the 2024 awards, including three outstanding Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) from the Department of Anesthesiology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis: Erin Herrera, MSN, CRNA, Elvira Sayfutdinova, MSN, CRNA, and Kate Silver, CRNA.

“Erin, Kate, and Elvira exemplify the spirit of excellence in nursing,” said Director for CRNA Activities, David Eisenbath, CRNA. “Their commitment to patient care, mentorship, and leadership sets a standard for our entire department. It’s not just about the skills they bring to the table, but the compassion and dedication that define their approach. I am proud to work alongside such remarkable individuals.”

Erin Herrera, MSN, CRNA, serves as the Assistant Director for CRNA Activities and Associate Vice Chair for Well-Being. As assistant director, she provides leadership to the CRNA workforce, engages in strategic planning, and assists with recruitment, retention, career development, and day-to-day clinical operations. She spends a majority of her clinical time in the cardiothoracic operating rooms, caring for patients with severe heart complications. As associate chair for well-being, she has initiated numerous impactful projects, including a wellness podcast, an annual Women of WUDA retreat, and an application for colleagues to send messages of gratitude to their colleagues. Herrera’s commitment to her department and industry not only enriches future healthcare professionals’ abilities but also underscores her dedication to advancing the field.

Elvira Sayfutdinova, MSN, CRNA, has made significant contributions to both adult and pediatric anesthesiology. Beyond her clinical duties, Sayfutdinova co-directs the WashU CRNA Mentorship Program. She is passionate about health and wellness, longevity, and lifelong learning. Sayfutdinova has made a notable impact as a new CRNA. Recognizing the value of mentorship, she took the initiative to create a mentorship program for CRNAs, enhancing the retention and engagement within the department. Her efforts in mentorship has garnered national recognition, with invitations to share her insights at conferences, including the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists National Meeting. Sayfutdinova’s commitment to the well-being of her colleagues extends beyond mentorship, as she actively participates in the PIA SAFE program, promoting a positive culture and psychological safety within the department.

Kate Silver, CRNA, the team leader of the Cardiac Procedure Lab, exemplifies remarkable dedication to her colleagues well-being. Beyond her clinical responsibilities, Silver volunteers for the Washington University Clinician Support team. Her empathetic and compassionate nature, combined with her proactive support, creates a supportive environment for her teammates. Silver’s leadership qualities shine through as she fosters a tight-knit, exemplary team in a challenging and fast-paced area, ensuring exceptional patient care.

Join us in celebrating and congratulating Erin, Elvira, and Kate for their exemplary contributions to the nursing profession. Their dedication to selfless care, leadership, and innovative initiatives has not only positively impacted their teams but also set a high standard for excellence in nursing.