Clinical Accomplishments

  • Perioperative care for ~120,000 procedural cases
  • Partnership in patient care with all WUSM clinical departments
  • Perioperative care across 5 BJC hospitals for 66% of BJC procedural patients
  • Peripartum care across 3 BJC hospitals for 66% of BJC parturients
  • ICU and telemedicine ICU care across the BJC hospitals
  • Extensive pain management across 4 BJC hospitals
  • Preoperative assessment and optimization of 55,000 patients across 3 BJC hospitals
  • Innovative perioperative telemedicine and machine learning decision support
  • Partner with BJH providing dental care to adults with disabilities (read news)
  • Department member appointed as co-director of Christian Hospital ICU (read news)

Research Accomplishments

  • Ranked #2 in the country for NIH funding among anesthesiology departments (read news)
  • Departmental science spans translational continuum
  • $12 million grant for department-led Integrated Research Center for Human Pain Tissues (INTERCEPT) Pain Center (read news)
  • 105 current research projects, including 49 R grants, 6 U grants, and 8 K grants within the department
  • 13 new departmental career training grants
  • Emphasis on developing transdisciplinary and research centers
  • Robust research collaborations across WU & WUSM
  • Launched the $30 million multicenter THRIVE trial comparing TIVA and volatile anesthesia (read news)
  • Seminal scientific publications
    • Nature: making fentanyl safer and less addictive (read news)
    • Nature Communications: lipid regulation of ion channels (read news)
    • Nature Chemical Biology: mechanisms of action of lofentanil (read news)
    • Science: neural pathway for pleasant touch identified (read news)
    • Cell Reports: activated neural pathway identified when animals see others scratching (read news)

Education Accomplishments

  • Top 10 anesthesiology residency (read news)
  • 12 super-specialty fellowships
  • SRNA and APP advanced nursing training programs
  • Robust participation in medical student education
  • Leadership in simulation at WUSM (read news)
  • Launched a supplemental curriculum for our residents in diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Inaugural Multicenter Perioperative Outcomes Group (MPOG) training fellow
  • Three department members selected as members to the Academy of Educators at WUSM (read news)

People & Culture


  • Internationally renowned neuroscientist recruited to direct Center for Clinical Pharmacology (read news)
  • Anesthesiology faculty member began tenure as President Elect of the Association of University Anesthesiologists
  • Faculty member elected to serve on Faculty Practice Plan’s Board of Directors (read news)
  • Faculty member elected to serve on NIH Board of Scientific Councilors
  • Faculty member began tenure as Chair Elect of the Board of the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER)
  • Leadership in perioperative safety and leadership in procedural safety and in ERAS, at BJH

Department Recognition

  • Anesthesiology faculty member elected as a Fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics (read news)
  • Anesthesiology faculty member elected as a Fellow of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology
  • One faculty elected as an Active Member of the Association of University Anesthesiologists; two faculty elected as Associate Members
  • 21 faculty members promoted in 2022
  • Three departmental members elected to AOA Honors Society (read news)
  • Two department members awarded distinguished honors from the Dean’s Office (read news)
  • Departmental member received the Helen Lamb Outstanding Educator Award from the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (read news)
  • Departmental member delivers prestigious annual FAER Helrich lecture
  • Department recognized by the Office of Sustainability with bronze award for reducing environmental footprint (read news)
  • Departmental leader appointed as Chair of WUSM’s Senior Leadership Committee on DEI

Department Initiatives