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Moron-Concepcion named Mallinckrodt Professor of Anesthesiology

Jose Moron-Concepcion, PhD, a professor of anesthesiology, neuroscience, and psychiatry, was installed as the Henry Elliot Mallinckrodt Professor of Anesthesiology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis on Thursday, September 28, 2023.

The ceremony and presentation of Dr. Moron-Concepcion was hosted by a group of distinguished individuals from WashU Medicine, including Michael S. Avidan, MBBCh, the Dr. Seymour and Rose T. Brown Professor of Anesthesiology and head of the Department of Anesthesiology; Robert W. Gereau, PhD, the Dr. Seymour and Rose T. Brown Professor of Anesthesiology and vice chair for research for the department; and Mark Lowe, MD, PhD, the vice chancellor for research and senior associate dean of research at WashU Medicine.

“Jose’s installation marks a significant milestone in his illustrious career,” Avidan said. “He has made so many valuable contributions to the field of neuroscience, and to public health for societal benefit. We are extremely fortunate to have him as a valuable member of our leadership team, and we eagerly anticipate the continued impact of his contributions for many years ahead.”

Over the last decade, Dr. Moron-Concepcion’s research has yielded several significant contributions to the fields of addiction and pain neuroscience. Earlier in his career, he concentrated on investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying opiate dependence. In these initial studies, Moron-Concepcion’s laboratory provided evidence that the mechanisms responsible for synaptic alterations following opiate exposure are crucial for gaining insights into how a disease state emerges and becomes irreversible abnormal when left untreated. 

Dr. Moron-Concepcion, who also serves as the chief of the Division of Basic Research in the Department of Anesthesiology, has recently focused his research on furthering the understanding of opioid addiction and its complex relationship with pain. Apart from his prolific research career marked by substantial grant funding and numerous publications, Moron-Concepcion is recognized for his dedication to training the next generation of pain and addiction researchers. He co-directs the T32 NIDA grant in collaboration with the Department of Psychiatry and co-directs the R25 NeuroPREP grant with the Department of Neuroscience, which aims to provide extensive research experience to recent college graduates who had limited access to research facilities.

About Henry E. Mallinckrodt

The Mallinckrodt professorship was established in 1948 by Edward Mallinckrodt Jr. and his wife, Elizabeth Elliot Mallinckrodt, in memory of their son, Henry Elliot, who died in 1945 at age 31.

Edward Mallinckrodt Jr. was the son of the founder of Mallinckrodt Chemical Works in St. Louis. He succeeded his father as chairman of the board and CEO when Edward Mallinckrodt died in 1928. Mallinckrodt Jr. was a Washington University trustee from 1928 to 1942 and an emeritus trustee from 1950 until his death in 1967. During his life, he made endowments in his father’s name to the School of Medicine’s Departments of Pediatrics, of Pharmacology, and of Pathology and Immunology, and to Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology. In 1976, the university named the student union and performing arts center the Mallinckrodt Center to honor the family’s generous support.